HOPE XXL: A new generation on their way to the United Nations! Join us and be a part of global change.
HOPE XXL: A new generation on their way to the United Nations! Join us and be a part of global change.

Introducing HOPE XXL

HOPE XXL wants to ensure that all people can achieve a life they can grade as ‘good’. Therefore we developed a new vision on the future with young people from all over the world. This vision, called the Liemers List, was presented to the United Nations in February 2015. 
This year we are starting to implement the Liemers List in our home region in The Netherlands. We will also continue to work with the United Nations, involve young people in the development and implementation of the Liemers List and promote wellbeing worldwide. 

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The story so far

February 2015: HOPE XXL is presented to the United Nations at the ECOSOC Youth Forum. Check out the news item here

January 2015: The HOPE XXL Global Summit takes place at the campus of the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Here we finalize the global Liemers List which will be presented to the United Nations in 2015. 

May 2014: In May 2014 the HOPE XXL Triple-A Summit took place with young people from Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas. Together they developed the new version of the Liemers List. 

2013: We continue our programs in The Netherlands and organize the HOPE XXL Peace Panorama in September 2013.

December 2012: The European Liemers List is established during the European Conference with Mr. Kofi Annan. 

September 2011: The national Liemers List is adopted on the basis of feedback from young people all over the country. This is done during the national HOPE XXL conference

January 2011: We start our national program, visiting schools and festivals all over The Netherlands to discuss the Liemers List with young people. You can learn more about our national program here

2010: The first Liemers List is developed and publicly presented as young people's vision on the future.

2009: Start of HOPE XXL in the Liemers region in The Netherlands. Dutch youth leaders drafted a document with one hundred statements for a better world. They named it the Liemers List, after the Dutch region where they developed it. It is a vision of the younger generation on the future of our society.