National Projects
MDT (Social Service Time)
- Started in February 2020

What is it?

As of February 6, 2020, HOPE XXL is one of the implementing organizations with regard to the subsidy provided by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, for Social Service Time (MDT). HOPE XXL will ensure that 1260 students in the Netherlands carry out 80-hour socially oriented projects in the period 2020-2022. For the implementation of the Social Service Time, HOPE XXL makes use of the infrastructure built up in recent decades. Young people aged 14 to 27 can volunteer for MDT.

Visit the Mini-Site for MDT for more info (Dutch).

MDT is the journey to the best version of yourself.

An opportunity for young people to discover their talents, be meaningful, meet new people and make choices for the future. Personal development and voluntary commitment to others makes our society stronger. Three topics are important within this objective, namely social impact, talent development and meeting each other.

What others said about MDT.

"Thanks to HOPE XXL, you now have the opportunity to contribute to society. In all kinds of areas. Grab that opportunity!"

- Jan Terlouw
Dutch politician, physicist and author

A great example of young talent

See how young people participating in MDT turned this barrier with unwanted graffiti into a true artpiece.